Hemp oil seems to be everywhere as of late.

You’re probably seeing hemp all over the news in articles and even on TV… it seems that hemp oil and hemp products are everywhere. Hey, even my grandma is talking about hemp and how it helps her arthritis and eases joint pain. Those are just a few of the benefits, we are just scratching the surface – here are the top seven benefits of hemp oils in our opinion…

Hemp Benefit #1: Hemp Oil can lower the risk of heart disease

Hemp seed oil from the hemp plant have a wide range of benefits for the heart and heart conditions. The 2007 study discover that hemp seed oil help prevent blood clotting. Another study researchers found out that hemp seed oil may help against stroke.Hemp Benefit #2: Hemp Oil can help reduce hormone imbalances, PMS, and menopause

One study found that hemp oil was able to decrease irritability and depression, menstrual pains, breast pains and fluid retention associated with PMS.Hemp Benefit #3: Use hemp oil to reduce inflammation

Hemp oil contains a variety plant ingredients. These compounds are shown to reduce inflammation which is a common factor in many different ailments. And as you may know, inflammation is the root of all disease. In that regard, hemp oil can really help your health.

Hemp Benefit #4: Hemp oil may reduce the pain associated with arthritisArthritis is very closely related to inflammation. One study found that the use or consumption of hemp oil helps reduce arthritis and joint pains. One study found that symptoms were reduced by as much as 25%. This is a remarkable finding as hemp oil can help relieve some of the pain. This is great because many older people suffer from various types of arthritis.

Hemp Benefit #5: Hemp oil may help heal skin conditions

Hemp Oil was found to help skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, and even acne. It is the oil’s fatty acids that are believed to help the immune system fight all skin conditions and promote healing. This is probably due to the high percentage of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.Hemp Oil can even be used internally or externally which means that you can put it on your skin or consume and it can help speed healing from within or from the outside. Hemp can help nourish the skin keeping it smooth and supple.

Hemp Benefit #6: Hemp oil can also help support weight loss

It isn’t well-known that hemp oil can help reduce cravings and suppress your appetite. Try hemp oil in the morning. It may help reduce your appetite throughout the day, which can reduce overheating and help to lose weight. This is largely due to his rich nutrient content and healthy fatty acids. Also, many hemp oils contain peppermint which is another compound that is known for reducing appetite.

Hemp Benefit #7: Hemp oil can help to reduce stress and anxiety

Your body is designed to respond to stressful scenarios by heightening your senses and keeping you alert to the possibility of danger. From an evolutionary standpoint, this is a positive effect; your brain is preparing your body to either fight or take flight. However, stress can very quickly have a negative impact when you are unable to switch off your bodily responses between challenges.

Hemp oils have been reported to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression without altering the mind. This means hemp oil is non-psychoactive and does not come with the “high” or intoxicating affects of many other substances used for anxiety, stress, or depression. This is just another reason hemp oils are becoming so popular.

As you can see after reading this article hemp oil and hemp products have a whole gamut of health benefits. Have you tried hemp foil? If so we’d love to hear from you send us an email and let us know what you think of hemp oil or other hemp products you have tried.

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