Every experienced political observer knows that polls of adults are much more liberal than polls of likely voters. What that means is that for political purposes, a poll of adults doesn’t mean much. On the other hand, it also means that the culture at large is significantly more liberal than the group of people that turn out to vote.

This is reflected in our culture, which by every measure imaginable is considerably more liberal than it has ever been. Some people may think, “Gee, that’s just how it is. Cultures ALWAYS get more liberal over time,” but that’s not true. SOMETIMES, cultures go downhill like a truck without brakes, but other cultures go through cycles or become more culturally enriched and conservative.

The first step to getting our culture to go back in the right direction is understanding why conservatives are losing the culture wars.


1. Churches and marriage


It’s not a secret that marriage and the Christian church are in decline in America. Part of that is just a changing world. People are less likely to join any real-world group because they’re getting enough social interaction on the internet and the whole purpose of marriage has changed. Most men no longer need marriage to get sex and most women no longer need marriage for financial support. Throw in a sky-high divorce rate and draconian family courts that are heavily slanted against men and marriage today is orders of magnitude less attractive than it was a few generations ago.

The problem with that is that the church and marriage are the backbone of our culture. The “old school” values that made America successful were Judeo-Christian values that people were immersed in from their childhood on, usually in church. A marriage between a man and a woman is, was and probably always will be the best way to raise a child and good parents will always care about shaping their child and the world around their child in a way that brings them success.

Yes, the world has changed in ways that have made marriage and the church less successful, but conservatives have been extremely lazy about trying to counteract those changes. What have we done to make marriage stronger or more appealing? What have we done to get more people back in the church? If you said, “As marriage and the church go, so goes our culture,” there would be more than a little truth to it.

2. Schools


No socialist, terrorist bomber, anti-white professor, anti-American professor, radical feminist, or radical Marxist should ever be allowed to teach in our universities. When we take the worst of us and put them in charge of molding the next generation of minds, it shouldn’t shock anyone that it has an incredibly negative impact on the culture. It also shouldn’t surprise us that the history, values, and philosophy that made America successful to begin with are either largely ignored or misrepresented by Leftist teachers who want to replace it with something new and inferior. Yet our school systems are overwhelmingly run by people with this kind of mindset from top to bottom. Our political representatives should play a more active role in what gets taught in high schools and threaten to cut off funds to state universities that hire people like this and turn a blind eye to radicals that prevent conservative speakers from talking. At private schools, we should be speaking with our wallets. We have got to stop paying people with our own money to help them brainwash our kids!