Bloodhound is now joining the exclusive land speed racers club, which has gone higher than 600 mph (965kph).
The British car’s GPS sensors clocked 628 mph (1.010 km/h) running through its dry lakebed track on Saturday.
In the history of the land speed record, just six vehicles have driven past 600 mph.
The actualization of Bloodhound is noteworthy because it only runs with the thrust of a jet engine. The development of the car also allows a rocket engine.
As anticipated, the arrow-shaped machine should be in a very strong position when this is fitted next year to smash the current world record of 763 mph (1.228kph).
Another British vehicle, Thrust SSC, set this 22 years ago. The driver back then was the same as today’s RAF pilot Andy Green in Bloodhound.
“The stability and confidence Bloodhound gives me as a driver is testament to the years of world class engineering that has been invested in her by team members past and present,” he told.
“With all the data generated by reaching 628 mph, we are in a great position to focus in the next year or so on setting a new world land speed record.”

In South Africa’s Northern Cape, Bloodhound conducted his high-speed trials on Hakskeen Pan, a wide and extremely flat section of the desert.
As with previous fast runs, the mark was set early in the morning on Saturday. It’s the time of day when air temperatures are at their coolest, allowing the Eurofighter jet from Bloodhound to quickly build its thrust.
Putting the 628 mph in some context-that’s faster than a typical airliner would be cruising, and Bloodhound is doing it at ground level. And it would be airborne long before a fighter plane tearing down a runway approached this kind of speed.
Sensors on Bloodhound revealed that the airflow under the car during its run was supersonic. Paintwork was stripped away 3 m from the front wheels.

Stuart Edmondon
The team says the high-speed trials were finished by the 628 mph speed and will now return to England.
The six vehicles that also ran over 600 mph were Sonic 1, Blue Flame, Thrust2, Budweiser Rocket, Sonic Arrow, and Thrust SSC. Only Budweiser Rocket and Thrust SSC went over 700 mph (1.126 km/h).


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