A kayaker filmed a video on October 29 and recently posted it online with a group of monkeys doing cannonballs on the Silver River at Silver Springs State Park.
Kayaker and videographer Rod Guynn said he had been notified fellow river kayakers were seeing monkeys in the trees. “Usually, you’re going to see a few in the trees or on the banks.
If you counted the monkeys you see, you’ll see two to 10. I haven’t normally seen a really large number together,” “he said.

Guynn believed that a group of 20 + monkeys were never witnessed at once. He explained that he started hearing in the water body thunderous smacking noises.
“When I turned around the corner, I saw a monkey belly-flop into the water,” he claimed. The video he shot shows a number of monkeys plopping into the water.
Guynn also said that the monkeys were jumping off the limbs of the tree because they were squawed by an assertive monkey. He alleged that the monkeys were afraid.
He noticed that some of the monkeys came close to his kayak.
He said he felt that the monkeys had systemically pushed the group across the river. “It never happened to me that I was afraid. I believe I’m just a kayak-floating person. I don’t think they even paid attention to me.”
Florida monkeys are great divers and swimmers, as it seems appropriate for a mammal that spends a lot of time on water, A fingers and toes are partially webbed.
When challenged, they both jump into water and swim across rivers and channels and when they need to move to new places.


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