Researchers looked at different studies in which people measured gender humor – without first understanding their sex – finding that 63 percent of males were more humorous than the average female.
In contrast with professional comedians, the study contrasted with normal people. “This is the last thing you want with comedy,” Marina Bye said to Radio 1 Newsbeat. “Because you never know, you want to try the worst and best comedians. This study is going to damage bravery, I just think this study is unnecessary. They could have done a progressive thing.”

By BBC; Kevin Hart
Researchers from North Carolina University and Aberystwyth University examined 28 studies that explored how humorous five thousand people are.
We wanted to find out if it was true that the stereotypical males are more funny than females. Dr. Gil Greengross, senior researcher writing in Psychology Today, said: “This stereotype is shared by both men and women – but of course, just because it exists does not mean it is true.”
Men and women were asked to write a humorous caption to follow a cartoon in many of the studies they looked at – and then unbiased judges graded their hilarity without knowing their gender. Dr. Gil said the results showed that “to the best of our knowledge, on average, men appear to have higher humor production ability than women”.
He added on the radio: “To clarify, the whole thing is not about’ women are not funny’… there are definitely some very funny stand-up comedians and I know a lot of female comedians, some of them personally. Sara Pascoe, for example, is a great comedian and probably more funny than 99% of the world’s males. It’s just that we find a difference on average.” He discusses evidence hints wit plays “a major role in mating.”
In a mate the author noted that women tend to seek a sense of humor as it is “strongly correlated with intelligence.” “Men prefer women, on the other hand, who laugh at their jokes. “Men, on the other hand, prefer women who laugh at their humor, which means men have probably had to compete harder with other men over our evolutionary history to impress women with their sense of humor.”


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