Kiwami, a Japanese DIY master, generates a ring of engagement with a gem made of nail clippings that he is reputed to have collected for a year.

If you can’t afford a diamond ring, or just want to give it to your lover in a really exclusive way, you might want to see this tutorial to make an engagement ring out of 365 days worth of nail clippings.
Kiwami is renowned for posting meticulous how-to videos from pretty much anything imaginable to create sharp knives, and has recently taken on the strange challenge.
He held the clippings in a jar and turned them into a black gem that, naturally, any lady would consider herself lucky to be sporting on her finger. Giving she wasn’t aware of what it was made of, naturally.
Recently, Kiwami Japan’s video went viral. Although clearly shocked by the content the YouTube star utilizes, many subscribers said they found the DIY method and the result of his work captivating. Kiwami started the process by crushing his nail clippings into a fine powder, mixing them in a frying pan with h2O (water) and then condensing them into a small lump using a nut and bolt.
He then baked it for several minutes at 150 degrees Celsius until his nail clippings looked like a lump of dark clay. He finally made a silver ring of engagement and buffed the “rock” into a drab, black stone that (luckily) seemed to be nothing like his nail clippings.
And then became viral, the peculiar DIY video already had millions of views, but the revived interest in it has increased its view count to more than 5.6 million.
“I’ve never been so disgusted yet amazed at the same time,” wrote one of the viewers. “Cant really decide whether this is the worst or best 17 minutes of my life,” commented another man.


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