Shingles Vaccine Is So Effective, There’s Now a Shortage
The shingles vaccine Shingrix is lacking due to consumer demand due to its effectiveness.
The vaccine is intended for people over 50 years of age, particularly those people who were children with chickenpox.
Experts say the vaccine can still be used in pharmacies and in the offices of doctors.
There is currently a short supply of a vaccine for a preventable infection that typically affects older adults.
Because the vaccine works so well, the company that makes it say the shortage has occurred, and the publicity surrounding its effectiveness drives demand.
The name of the drug is Shingrix. It is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent infection with herpes zoster, more commonly known to as shingles.
The shortage does not sound many alarms, but it is important to note that the vaccine is the new default against preventable infections that may cause serious concerns in populations with higher risk of death or other infection complications.
In this case, rather than dealing with another round of this painful rash, older generations would.
In adults aged 50 and over, Shingrix is recommended.
A group of older adults should get one shot and then another 6 months later to protect them against the painful, potentially blistering rash that can take up to one month to heal.
People who have had chickenpox are more susceptible to shingles, a concern for many who have lived through times when chickenpox was common.
An estimated 4 million chickenpox Trusted Source infections were reported annually in the early 1990s before a vaccine was available, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
While most cases are normal and expected to grow up in the U.S., up to 13,000 of those cases involved hospitalization and 150 resulted in death, the CDC says.
Now, those children are open to a preventable infection and are at or past the age when federal health experts suggest they get a vaccine to prevent it.


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